Filter Press very common in pharmaceutical, waste water, food and mining applications.
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Features & Benefits

Made of a wide range of mono-filaments and multi-filament, combination and staple fiber fabrics
Weight Range up to 1500 GSM
Long-lasting use and easy Cleaning optimal cake dryness Very Easy Separation of the Cake from the Cloth
Customized Outfitting
Air permeability range @200Pa: 0-2800 1/dm 2 min Excellent Dimensional stability
Have the flexibility to customize products according to customers’ needs. Products are overhang cloth, barrel neck cloth, special press cloth, plate and frame press cloth

Technical Specifications

Available Sizes 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″
Micron rating 1 to 50 Micron
Types Butterfly/ Plain pc/ Zero Discharge
Fabric Polypropylene(PP)/Polyaster/ Nylon/ Antistatic Fabric

Industrial Applications

Steel & Power
Powder coating
Shot Blasting
Metals & Minerals
Paints & Pigments
Pneumatic Conveying
Spray Dryer