The wide availability of filtering paper allows you to have an optimal response to the demands of customers who seek a quality product with defined characteristics of the filtration and maximum reliability.

Filter sheets are used to remove particles from liquids. This means that liquid can be clear, fine or sterilization filtered. Filter Paper range from 150 g I m’ to 700 g I m’. All papers are produced using FDA approved pulp high quality resins that make the filter a product of absolute assurance. To demonstrate the versatility of this product and its quality, we can boast among consumers with the most important companies in the oil sector, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We can supply all sizes that customers require circle, square and rectangular formats with any creasing. All formats can with round or square holes.
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Cleaned and bleached cellulose
Natural filter aid (kieselgur, perlite)
Cationic wet strength agent

Available Grades