HEPA Filter

Hepa filters are designed to meet requirement of very fine filtration up to 0.3 micron at high efficiency of 99.99 %. We have added a new feature in conventional hepa filters by using spun bonded polyester media which is cleanable in nature. These are available with different coatings like PTFE coating, PTFE lamination & more for better dust releasing. Due to hydrophobic & oleo phobic treatment on media, it does not allow any moisture & oil contents to pass through.

The essential functions of HEPA Filters are to improve indoor Air Quality and to protect downstream equipments and facility components. Good HEPA Filters controls all human sneeze droplets.
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Features & Benefits

Low pressure drop due to pleated configuration
Easy to install
No bypassing
High dirt holding capacity
High filtration efficiency
Good mechanical strength
Retrofit to any standard make

Technical Specifications

Configuration Flange type & Box type
Sizes available 610mm x 610mm x 50mm / 100mm / 150mm / 300mm
545mm x 545mm x 50mm / 100mm / 150mm / 300mm
Customized sizes are available on request
Filtration Rating 0.3 micron & more
Filtration efficiency 99.97% – 99.99 %
Frame Material SS 304 / GI (Galvanized Steel) / Aluminium Powder coated /CRC powder coated or Zinc coated
Filter media Glass Fiber media / Spun bonded polyester media

HEPA Filters standards

Globally accepted HEPA Filter performance rating systems are :
EN779:2012 (G1 to F9)
EN1822:2009 (E10 to U17)
ASHRAE 52.2 (MERV 1 to 16)
ISO16890 (ISO coarse to ISO ePM1)

Industrial Applications

Hospital Environment
Pharmaceuticals companies
Clean Rooms for industry
Beverage industry
Malls, Cinema house and Commercial Office comple