Filter Press Bag

NG FILTERS & FABRICATORS manufactures filter cloths for all makes and models of filter presses. NG FILTERS & FABRICATORS offers a wide variety of sizes, materials, and weaves for your filter press. Our in-house sewing department can manufacturer any filter cloth to fit any filter press.

The filter press is affected by acid and alkali corrosion, mechanical wear and the aging of the filter cloth in the process of use, which results in the filter cloth of the filter press has a life limit. Generally, the service life of filter cloth of filter press used in ceramic industry and coal industry is about 3 to 5 months. The service life of filter press cloth used in sludge treatment will be relatively longer.
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Typical Filter Cloth Sizes

Custom Sizing Available

Filter Cloth Types

Head Cloth
Intermediate Cloth
Tail Cloth

Material Options

Many Other Fabrics Available

How To Select Filter Press Cloth

In order to adapt to different filtrates, we divide the filter cloth into various materials, so we suggest that you choose the filter cloth according to the filtrate:
Filtrate Acidity and Alkalinity Select the appropriate type of filter cloth according to different acidity and alkalinity. Polyester filter cloth has the strongest acid resistance and vinylon filter cloth has the strongest alkali resistance. Polypropylene filter cloth is both acid and alkali resistant.
Filter Material Temperature The temperature is a major factor affecting the working efficiency of filter press cloths. The polyester filter cloth is most temperature resistant.
Filter Cake Release The release efficiency of filter cake directly affects the working efficiency of filter press equipment. The surface of the filter cake is smooth and non sticky, and the filtrate will quickly leach out of the filter cloth, with high filtration efficiency. In this case, it is necessary to choose single silk filter cloth or satin filter cloth.
Filter Cake Shape Consider the wear resistance of filter cloth according to whether the particles are uniform and whether the shape is hard. The polyester filter cloth and nylon filter cloth is best wear resistance.

How to clean filter cloth manually

Disassemble filter cloth from the filter plate and put them into clean water
Or Use brash to clean down the remained cakes first and then clean with clean water
If filter cloth is to filter acid slurry, then pls use alikaline liquid to clean filter cloth
If filter cloth is to filter alikaline slurry, then pls use acid liquid to clean filter cloth
After cleaning, pls check whether there are still solids on the surface of filter cloth, as only clean filter cloth can have good filtering result and less filter cloth consumption.